Clackamas Mall Store Mooving

We are in prosses of Mooving clackamas mall store to our new store on Foster Rd.
we are still month away from opening it but very excited because it will be full sized store with repair shop, cell phone techs on site and HUGE inventory to choose from form ATT, Verizon, Sprint and T mobile.
we will also offer Solavei servcie starting only form $29 a month without contracts

Mean while you can find us in Vancouver mall store

Samsung Galaxy s for Cash – Prices


For the month of September here is prices how much we will buy Galaxy phones for.
listed price is maximum of how much we will pay for used phone in best condition with charger:

Samsung Galaxy S Captivate ——— $40 ATT
Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant ———– $40 T-Mobile
Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate ——– $30 Verizon
Samsung Galaxy S Epic 4G ———– $40 Sprint
Samsung Galaxy S Infuse 4G ——– $60 ATT
Samsung Galaxy S 4G —————– $60 T-Mobile
Samsung Galaxy S2 ——————– $80 ALL CARRIERS
Samsung Galaxy S3 ——————– $100 ALL CARRIERS
Samsung Galaxy S4 ——————– $200 ALL CARRIERS

Samsung Galaxy Note 1 ————— $100 ATT

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 ————— $150 Sprint and – $180 ATT, Verizon, T-Mobile


For any other phone quotes give us a call 971-227-9126 or 503-515-5840

Clackamas mall store moving

Yes, our Clackamas store location is moving to regular kiosk upstairs in foodcourt next to JAMBA JUICE. Same rules, same inventory just smaller place. We will still be doing repair services but it will be overnight delivery because we will have to take them to our actual repair shop outside mall.
As always if any question call us 971-227-9126

August 2013 iPhone buying prices

Here is prices we will buy iphones for in August 2013

iPhone 3g any GB———————————————————————–$20
iPhone 3gs any GB ——————————————————————–$40
iPhone 4 AT&T 16GB fully functional ———————————————– $90
iPhone 4 AT&T 16GB+ repair stock—————————————————- $40
iPhone 4 AT&T 8GB fully functional———————————————— $80
iPhone 4 AT&T 8GB repair stock—————————————————— $40
iPhone 4 AT&T new in box————————————————————— $120
iPhone 4 Vzn/Sprint/T-Mobile new in box—————————————— $100
iPhone 4S AT&T fully functional—————————————————– $160
iPhone 4S AT&T repair stock———————————————————– $80
iPhone 4S AT&T New in Box———————————————————— $200
iPhone 4S Sprint/Vzn/T-Mobile fully functional——————————– $100
iPhone 4S Sprint/Vzn/T-Mobile repair stock————————————– $50
iPhone 4S Sprint/Vzn/T-Mobile new in box—————————————– $170
iPhone 5 AT&T or Verizon fully functional ————————————— $240
iPhone 5 AT&T or Verizon Repair Stock——————————————— $150
iPhone 5 At&T or Verizon 16GB new in box—————————————— $350
iPhone 5 At&T or Verizon 32GB new in box—————————————— $370
iPhone 5 At&T or Verizon 64GB new in box—————————————– $400
iPhone 5 Sprint/T-Mobile All GB fully functional—————————— $200
iPhone 5 Sprint/T-Mobile All GB Repair Stock———————————– $70
iPhone 5 Sprint/T-Mobile All GB new in box————————————— $250